Curious about CBD? There’s nothing like the old school…

Recently, there have been quite a few CBD shops and multi-level marketing companies popping up.

Firstly, we think it’s great that CBD (and cannabis in general) is beginning to get the attention it deserves when it comes to potential medicinal benefits. But when it comes to cannabis and CBD products, its a smart move to visit a store that has been established for many years. At The Altered Nation, we have staff who are well-versed in cannabis and related products, and are committed to providing current and relevant information to our clientele. No appointments or consultations needed, you can come in any time and chat with our dedicated staff to learn more about your needs.

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits that come with shopping for CBD and other related products at The Altered Nation over pop-up stores below.

Years of Experience

The Altered Nation just celebrated its 20th year of being in business in 2017. We have been advocating for the cannabis industry and the products within that industry for a very long time. This means sharing information about cannabis as medicine – whether whole plant, full spectrum medicine, or isolated cannabinoids such as CBD. We have carried CBD products for almost 3 years now, and have been selling high CBD seeds for over a decade. We are proud to say that we have been been a part of this industry for two decades, and not just getting into the industry when a single item becomes trendy. The Altered Nation prides itself on product knowledge – including our CBD products, and the tools we offer to aid in consumption of those products.

We don’t just sell CBD. Yes! This is a benefit!

Having been a part of the cannabis industry for such a long time, we have seen a massive shift in clientele over the past 5-7 years. This means we have had Customers coming in for years looking for information on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, different strains, different cannabinoids and terpenes, and different methods of consumption. We carry tons of different smoking accessories, of which vaporizers have become a staple tool for medicinal users. Vaporizers are highly recommended for medicinal patients, and we have a fantastic variety of vaporizers with exceptional product knowledge on each of them. CBD products that can be consumed through inhalation are best vaporized, and not smoked, offering both a more rapid onset of relief, and a cleaner method of consumption.

Lab tested, high quality products

We carry a wide range of lab-tested CBD products, both full spectrum and isolated CBD. These products are offered in different strengths, and can be ingested, inhaled, or applied topically.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT for us to note that the reason legalization is occurring in Canada is because of long-standing cannabis advocates such as the owner of The Altered Nation. Without his efforts in the industry, and supporting the needs and wants of Customers, these new standalone CBD shops wouldn’t even be possible. So while it may be predicted that regulations will change along with legalization, you can rest assured that shops like The Altered Nation will continue to advocate for a free market, and support the rights of small business and consumers.

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