From Riffs to Resilience: Navigating Adolescence in the Heavy Metal Underground

I was 14 years old and I probably weighed 100 pounds. I was hyperactive and I don’t think smoking a pack of cigarettes a day helped. We had just moved from Kitchener to Etobicoke for the second time, and I learned that Metallica was play was extremely excited. They were playing with Wasp and Armored […]

Cannabis Grow Season Is Upon Us!

With spring coming around the corner it’s time to start considering what strains you might want to grow this season. At The Altered Nation we always encourage our clientele to grow their own stone and in fact now that cannabis is legal tons are taking the initiative on their own. Our staff are all knowledgeable […]

Curious about CBD? There’s nothing like the old school…

Recently, there have been quite a few CBD shops and multi-level marketing companies popping up. Firstly, we think it’s great that CBD (and cannabis in general) is beginning to get the attention it deserves when it comes to potential medicinal benefits. But when it comes to cannabis and CBD products, its a smart move to […]

Harvesting Your Cannabis Plants

close up of trichrome

With all the Christmas decorations in the stores these days, we’re reminded that its just about time to start trimming the trees…. but we’re not talking about Christmas trees…. Its time to start evaluating your cannabis plants to see if you’re ready to begin harvesting. How do you know when it’s time to harvest? Here’s […]