A Story About Rock ‘n Roll & Band T-Shirts

Pantera - T-Shirt

A friend of mine had an extra ticket for “Pantera” and “Lamb Of God” in Toronto at Budweiser Stadium. I wasn’t sure if I should go because the original guitar player Dime Bag Darrell, and the original drummer Vinnie Paul of “Pantera” had died. But I am a huge fan of “Zach Wylde”, who was previously in “Ozzy Osbourne‘s” band and also had started his own band, called “Black Label Society. To me, this man is one of the most underrated rock stars of all time.

Also, the new drummer is the drummer of “Anthrax” Charlie Benante and their first album fist full of metal is one of my favourite. So really, there was nothing to lose and I really wanted to see how “Zach Wylde” pulled off “Dime Bag Darrell’s” parts. And what a fantastic show!

“Lamb Of God” totally killed it, and “Pantera” was absolutely phenomenal. The place was absolutely packed with an army of people clad in denim and leather, and my favourite part of the uniform!

There was every genre of Metal T-shirt there including but not limited to black metal, death metal thrash metal, power metal, well as tons of hard-core punk and crossover T-shirts. Luckily for me, I didn’t need to wait an hour in line for my t-shirt because I was able to pick one in advance at The Altered Nation in Orangeville!

Despite their sometimes intimidating looks the heavy metal community and the underground community in general are always super cool and fun to hang out with. The thing I like about the heavy metal and rock n roll community is that in general they’re very excepting of everybody regardless of how you identify, your sexual orientation or the colour of your skin. It doesn’t matter who you are in general they will except you. It was a fantastic evening.

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