About The Altered Nation

Since 1997, The Altered Nation located in Orangeville, Ontario has been steadily earning the reputation of being Ontario’s Premier Counter-Culture Boutique and Tattoo Parlour!

We were the first, and remain the best head shop in the area. We helped pave the way for this industry to be where it is today and are here to take it into the future. Our brand new online head shop is the next step in our evolution.


Ontario’s Best Tattoo Parlour and Piercing Studio

If it weren’t for our tattoo and piercing artists, we wouldn’t be the same place. Without their talent and dedication, we’d be just another head shop. Even if you aren’t looking for a tattoo or piercing, please take a look at Jake Richmond’s and Chantelle Danielle’s galleries and see for yourself the quality and caliber of artists that work with us.